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Gameplay Video

Video showing Gravity-Gun Gameplay Feature.

direct download Gravytris.exe ( for Windows, 1.5 MByte)

Just Try it! No Installation, no unzipping required! Just download and run Gravytris.exe directly.


older computer? try the 2005 version of Gravytris: gravytris2005.exe its missing many of the new features, but should run on a classic pentium, even without 3d card.


->About Gravytris - whats that?

Fact List:

  • Chain Reactions! gravity: build large cascades of collapsing structures.
  • Gravity Gun! pull and push pieces around.
  • Physical pieces! pieces in the matrix are not fixed, but movable either by pushing with play-piece or dragging with mouse.
  • 2.5D Rotation System Pieces can now be rotated around each spatial axis. (z-axis as usual: 90; new: x-, y-axis: 180)
  • Colors! delete not only lines, but Colors as well.
  • Online Highscores! extensive online highscore list with advanced informations (combos,start level etc)
  • FUSE, GROW, EXTREME, PUZZLE besides classic tetris, lots of inventive gameplay variations.
  • High Speed! optimized for speed gameplay with help by http://www.tetrisconcept.com hardcore gamers.
  • OpenGL, OpenAL fully hardware accelerated using open standards.
Gravytris is a unique combination of Tetris and Columns with realistic gravity effects. The simple principle of tile stacking in tetris to delete full rows is combined with the fast paced color matching in Columns. In Gravytris you may delete lines or colors in the same game. Another unique feature is the realistic calculation of gravity. All blocks fall until they reach the bottom or a supporting stone. If you play other tetris games, you will sometimes notice free blocks "hanging in the sky", if a deleted line splits a tile. This no longer happens in Gravytris and makes the gameplay more surprising.
lately i found this great explanation about tetris and gravity on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris

->News and Changelog:

News and Changelog:

  • 27.01.2007: official release of gravytris 0.7
  • 05.12.2005: new official domain: www.gravytris.de
  • 28.09.2004: beta 0.61 released!
  • 05.06.2004: beta 0.6 released!
  • 13.05.2004: linux port gravytris_light, ELF, 612 kbyte
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just for fun, here is the initial version of gravytris: Version 0.1, 20.05.2002
this version was written in 5 days and is missing many features rumoring in my mind. but nevertheless it's already playable, though it has no highscore counting yet.